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the in-mutation seed

Michelangelo told

"the sculpture already is in the stone, I only discover it"

The beautiful sculpture you want to carve is already in the stone, you just need to remove everything that is left over.

You do NOT need to create or recreate yourself, you just need to define yourself, feel yourself and BE YOURSELF..

The life of happiness, bliss and abundance has already been created to the exact measure of YOUR BEING, so that you live it and enjoy it to the fullest..


Proposing objectives and goals keep you away from being yourself because the one who defines the objectives and goals, in most cases, is NOT YOU. 


We are so programmed with alien values and beliefs, external to us, that it is they who make the decisions. With this level of alienation it is impossible for YOU to take them.


Discover WHO YOU ARE and, more importantly, WHO YOU ARE NOT.

"The world of bliss and abundance you dream of living is already here, you don't have to reach it or create it, you just have to discover it."

"The seed of a tree has all information it needs to grow and form of the tree, you only have to plant it and give it the right conditions."


Share your reflections in our net, plant your seed and discover layer by layer your own being supported by the community of in-muta.

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Get the pearl of wise from your experiences share them with a mentor who guide you by the path of your higher self.

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Human Design Reading

Take the shortcut and know your DNA design and personality. Get the power to know who you really are.

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Archetypes Setting

Discover the archetypes that control your decisions and set the best archetypes to power yourself.

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